Welcome to #AdChat!

Hello and welcome to the first and only Twitter mixer dedicated to the business that all of our in-laws will mock during the holidays: advertising. It’s an age-old industry that becomes new everyday, and this mixer will provide real-time discussions about the business. #AdChat will serve as a gathering point for the best and brightest of the most brilliant industry in the world to make new friends, ask questions, provide support (I get depressed every time my mom asks if I’ve written any cool jingles), and receive advice from some really cool guest contributors.

Each week Twitter members from around the world will meet to discuss everything from copywriting and art direction to strategic planning and media planning. Even agencies and schools. The set-up is informal, even though you may meet some industry superstars. Just make sure to keep it as professional and on-topic as possible, and tweet “#AdChat” so everyone in the discussion can keep up. And remember to make your profile public. It’s the only way for the new people you meet, our guest contributors, and I to see your @ replies. Otherwise, you’ll miss on all the action!

In order to have the most fun during #AdChat, you’ll need to tell your friends. This is a social networking networking mixer (redundancy x3!) and we’ll experience the greatest benefit when more eager, interested Tweeters tweet. It’s like one big, artsy Starbucks lobby. If there are only a few of us talking, people will just think we’re stuck-up hipsters.

After the chat ends, you can check the #AdChat Blog for transcripts of the discussion, retweets from standout tweeters, and interesting posts related to the discussion. I’ll also include a lite itenerary for future mixers and a profile on the next guest contributor.

I can’t wait to meet you all on Sunday at 8pm!

– Aazia (@aaziADee)


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